Initially we come look at your space and talk with you about the potential of your garden. If needed we work with hardscapers and carpenters to build or pave elements in the garden. It is important to discuss irrigation and water at this time.


Our goal is to plant a garden with year-round interest that will thrive and sustain itself for many years. We work with the client to create a tone for the garden, discussing texture, color, shape and size. 


During installation the soil is amended by removing rocks and conditioned by adding compost and nutrients. Trees, perennials, shrubs and annuals are planted with care and watered thoroughly. A follow up visit and continued watering help the plants become well established.


Maintenance plans insure that your garden always looks it's best. Seasonal or periodic maintenance contracts are available. 


Spring, summer and fall annuals - along with winter evergreens are a great way to add that extra splash of color throughout the seasons.