Bringing effusive verdant plant life to New York City



We schedule a site visit, take measurements and talk with your initial ideas, daydreams and desires for your space and get a sense of the general scope of the project. 

Black Adder agastache.jpg


At this stage we will begin a dialog about specific layouts and plant choices. We provide you with visual references and inspiration to hone in on a concept and the feel you are looking for. 



We will come up with an initial design based on your goals and the priorities for your space. At this stage a plant list is developed and a budget finalized. Revisions as needed. 

We can provide 2-D layout drawings and 3-D renderings depending on the complexity of the project. 






Construction of garden architectural elements: fences, bluestone, built-in cabinets and benches as well as pergolas and trellis. An irrigation specialist can also be employed at this time to install an irrigation system. 

Installation of garden design plan: removal of existing "sad" plants, soil preparation, and planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. 



We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance packages. Careful pruning in the spring and fall can ensure a thriving garden. Deadheading, weeding and pest management will also help keep your garden healthy and happy. Seasonal fertilization and clean-ups also available. March through November.