Bringing effusive verdant plant life to New York City

Astral Gardens is a landscape design company specializing in urban garden design for rooftops, backyards, front yards and terraces in the New York City area. We transform urban spaces into lush inviting sanctuaries designed for your use in mind - taking care to match the feel of the garden with your individual aesthetic. We love native plants and pollinators, and draw inspiration from the woodlands and meadows of the Northeast. Our goal is to create a sustainable garden that will thrive and mature over time. 

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Jocelyn Jacobs - Owner and Designer

Jocelyn Jacobs spent her formative years in the deserts and mountains of Paradise Valley, Arizona. She went on to earn a BA at Oberlin College in Studio Art and an MFA in Visual Arts from UCSD.

Garden design and horticulture gave Jocelyn a way to combine her interests in sculpture and painting with her love of the natural world. Upon moving to New York City she began working with horticulturalists, flower farmers and garden designers to learn the art of gardening in an urban environment.

Before founding Astral Gardens Jocelyn trained for 5 years with master gardeners and design companies all over the city: The Metropolitan Gardener, Peter Davis, Vert Gardens, Blue in Green and the NYU Garden Shop. This will be her 11th season gardening in the city. 

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Dana Boyd, Lead Gardener and Horticulturalist

Dana’s love for getting her hands in the ground grew when she traveled through Central and South America working on agroecological farms. She continued this work when she returned to the states, working on urban farms in Baltimore while getting her degree in Environmental Science at UMBC.

Seeing the importance of connecting people, especially in urban settings, with the natural world led her to New York City. She has been creating and tending to gardens in NYC since 2014. Working with Astral Gardens has allowed her to combine her passion for helping the environment and native species by reintroducing habitat, and reconnecting people with nature.

In her spare time, Dana tends to her extensive indoor plant collection, reads, does yoga, and likes getting into new hobbies, like ceramics!